"When I arrived to Jurmala from afar, I felt that this was my place,” said Madam Brioš, “… and so I decided to stay here. While I was walking along the quiet street, I began to imagine a cozy little café and realized that this was exactly what was missing here. I love bread, I believe it deserves to be a part of our daily meals, the way it has been for years in our parents’ and grandparents’ generations.”

And thus a dream was born and started to grow… A dream about a very special French bakery and cafe. By fulfilling this dream we have created a place in Jurmala which transcends people’s daily troubles and worries. It is special oasis of joy and peace that you can come to in order to relax and escape the busy stresses of day to day life. Our menu includes variations of French-style delicacies, delicious home cooked soups, fresh and vibrant salads and a fantastic range of snacks…

We should mention, that every weekend our chef creates a unique and not to be missed special menu from seasonal produce to delight our customers and ensure that there is always something new and exciting to try.

Over time Madam Brioš found numerous followers in Riga, and so she opened a small place in the capital.  It always seemed to me that it would be nice to add a small detail to this place - a cozy cafe with delicious pastries and amazing desserts,”- Madam Brioš recalls. So, this is how our small café in the Art Museum Riga Bourse was opened.

In our cafés we are passionate about keeping all of our guests happy. From our youngest to our oldest guests, you can be sure that you will receive a very warm welcome.

Come and visit us and enjoy a little piece of life together with us!